NANOS in the News

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October 12, 2008 Bloomberg Harper Tries to Reverse Fortunes in Quebec as Canada Vote Nears
December 9, 2013 Bloomberg Canada Consumer Confidence Rises on Resilient Housing
June 16, 2014 Bloomberg Canada Consumer Confidence Hits Lowest in 10 Weeks
October 11, 2008 Bloomberg Harper Halts Poll Slide as He Touts Bank Aid, Jobs, Dion Gaffe
November 3, 2014 Bloomberg Confidence in Canada’s Western Provinces Drops on Crude
August 18, 2014 Bloomberg Canada Consumer Confidence Rises as Gasoline Price Falls
June 6, 2014 Bloomberg Could Prince Rupert Land Give Enbridge a Gateway Plan B?
May 2, 2009 Bloomberg Canada's Ignatieff Says Liberal Party Will Reignite Economy
October 10, 2007 Bloomberg McGuinty May Win Ontario Election After Tory Support Declines
March 26, 2007 Bloomberg Quebec Liberal Party to Form a Minority Government
September 22, 2014 Bloomberg Ontario Consumer Confidence Increases, Nanos Data Shows
June 4, 2014 Bloomberg Canada's Harper Risks Political Damage Allowing Gateway Pipeline
December 29, 2014 Bloomberg Canada Consumers End 2014 in Sour Mood as Oil Drop Hits
June 22, 2004 Bloomberg Canada's Liberals Lead With 34% Support in Nanos Research Poll
March 19, 2007 Bloomberg Canada Budget Offers Tax Cuts, Spending Ahead of Vote
January 7, 2015 Bloomberg Oil Export Plunge Signals Canada Economy Running on Empty
December 2, 2013 Bloomberg Canadian Consumer Sentiment Declines, Nanos Index Shows
August 11, 2014 Bloomberg Canada Consumer Sentiment Falls to Lowest in Seven Weeks
June 7, 2004 Bloomberg Canada's Liberals Trail Conservatives in Daily Poll
September 15, 2014 Bloomberg Trudeau Blocks Harper Path to History as Liberals Revive