NANOS in the News

Datesort descending Publication Article
February 2, 2004 Ottawa Sun Voters lukewarm on PM
February 5, 2004 Politics Canada Harper preferred leadership candidate - one third unsure
February 5, 2004 Canoe Harper high in leader's poll
February 5, 2004 London Free Press Harper frontrunner in poll
February 5, 2004 Toronto Sun Harper no.1 in poll
April 26, 2004 CTV Canadians hungry for change, new poll finds
April 27, 2004 Globe and Mail Ministers urge PM to call June election
April 27, 2004 Forbes Canada's election not set but some push for spring
April 27, 2004 Edmonton Sun PM's support drops
April 27, 2004 CTV Election strategy tops Martin's dinner menu
April 27, 2004 Corriere Canadese Martin pronto per le elezioni
April 27, 2004 Bloomberg News Martin's Support Falls Among Canadian Voters in Poll
April 27, 2004 Calgary Sun PM popularity hits the skids
April 27, 2004 Toronto Sun Martin's losing it:poll
April 27, 2004 London Free Press Martin losing voters' favour, says poll
April 27, 2004 Ottawa Sun Martin leads Grits down
April 27, 2004 Radio-Canada Elections federales: Martin esquive le sujet
April 28, 2004 Globe and Mail Martin would be wise to factor the playoffs into his election formula
May 21, 2004 Politics Watch Networks take to the road for campaign 2004
May 23, 2004 Winnipeg Sun It's Martin's race to lose