NANOS in the News

Date Publication Articlesort descending
June 21, 2004 Bloomberg Canada's Liberals, Conservatives Tied, Nanos Research Poll Finds
June 22, 2004 Bloomberg Canada's Liberals Lead With 34% Support in Nanos Research Poll
June 4, 2014 Bloomberg Canada's Harper Risks Political Damage Allowing Gateway Pipeline
June 6, 2014 Bloomberg Could Prince Rupert Land Give Enbridge a Gateway Plan B?
June 7, 2004 Bloomberg Canada's Liberals Trail Conservatives in Daily Poll
June 9, 2004 Bloomberg Conservatives Lead Liberals in Canada Election Race
March 13, 2014 Bloomberg U.S. Keystone Pipeline Support Falls to 62% in Nanos Poll
March 14, 2007 Bloomberg NDP Budget Support Will Take More Than Ending Oil Tax Breaks
March 15, 2012 Bloomberg Canada Consumer Confidence Rises on Growth Outlook, Nanos Says
March 16, 2015 Bloomberg Real Estate Worries Wane After Bank of Canada Cut Stokes Demand
March 17, 2014 Bloomberg Quebec Election Stems Gain in Canadian Consumer Sentiment
March 19, 2007 Bloomberg Canada Budget Offers Tax Cuts, Spending Ahead of Vote
March 2, 2015 Bloomberg Canada Consumer Gloom Deepens Before Poloz Interest Rate Meeting
March 24, 2014 Bloomberg Canada Consumer Sentiment Falls on Quebec Separation Talk
March 26, 2007 Bloomberg Quebec Liberal Party to Form a Minority Government
March 9, 2015 Bloomberg Ontario Consumers Help Snap 6-Week Slide in Canada Confidence
May 7, 2010 Bloomberg Canada Has Checked Debt With Hung Parliament Like U.K. Elected
May 13, 2009 Bloomberg Canada’s Conservatives Release First Ads Attacking Ignatieff
May 2, 2009 Bloomberg Canada's Ignatieff Says Liberal Party Will Reignite Economy
May 21, 2013 Bloomberg Harper Opens Private Party Speech After Senate Scandal